3 Reasons Linen Loss Occurs in Healthcare Facilities

3 Reasons Linen Loss Occurs in Healthcare Facilities

One of the biggest issues healthcare facilities face is linen loss and with the high costs associated with linen loss, an increasing number of facilities are looking for new ways to elimate linen loss to help save them money. But, before looking for ways to fix linen loss, it’s crucial to look at why linen loss is happening in your facility.

Below, we’re covering the common reasons linen loss occurs in healthcare facilities and what you can do about it.

Why Linen Loss Occurs

In order to determine what to do about linen loss, you must first assess why it occurs. Below are the three most common reasons linen loss occurs in healthcare facilities.

1. Patients are taking them home

Similar to the hospitality industry, patients at healthcare facilities sometimes don’t realize that the linens and patient gowns/pants they are utilizing during their stay aren’t for them to keep. Some of the most common examples of linen loss from patients taking them home are thermal blankets, baby blankets, and pillows.

2. Medical professionals are throwing them away

Oftentimes, the medical professionals at healthcare facilities are accidentally throwing linens away. This tends to happen when they don’t fully understand the process of linen management or they believe that the linens are too heavily soiled to launder.

3. Medical professionals are taking them home

From linens to uniforms, medical professionals will often bring home their uniforms, whether its scrubs or jackets, as well as linens. Scrubs are expensive and them taking these home can make a huge impact on your linen loss and the fees associated with it.

Linen Loss Solutions

After identifying where you are seeing linen loss in your healthcare facility, the next step is finding solutions that work for your facility and save you money.

1. Educate your employees

By simply providing regular and thorough training on what to do with heavily soiled linens, not permitting patients to take linens home, and what medical professionals can and cannot take off the facility’s property, you’ll be able to drastically reduce the cost associated with linen loss.

2. Have proper signage

Linen loss can be drastically reduced by placing proper signage on disposals so the trash and linen receptacles don’t get mixed up. Placing signs in rooms and in faculty areas reminding both employees and patients to not take uniforms and linens home can also help.

3. Work with a uniform and linen rental company

By working with a uniform and linen rental company, you can ensure you always have clean uniforms and linens for your patients and employees, as well as track where linen loss is happening, and even track individual items.

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