3 Reasons to Choose Cloth Over Paper Patient Gowns

Going to the doctors is unavoidable and is relatively easy, but many individuals dread the experience, especially when one worries about their health. One of the best ways for doctors, nurses, and other staff members to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible and reduce stress is by offering high quality gowns and linens for patients to use during the healthcare practice.

cloth hospital gown

Cloth vs. Paper

Paper patient gowns are the more popular option among healthcare practices thanks to the low upfront cost and the ease of replacement. But, just because they’re easy doesn’t mean they should be utilize, especially when patients are going through procedures or will be staying at your practice for longer than your typical check-up. Here’s why you should always choose cloth patient gowns over paper patient gowns.

1. Saves Time and Money

While paper gowns have lower up-front costs, they end up having higher costs than cloth gowns because they can only be used once before being disposed of. Instead of having to replace the paper gowns at your practice every few weeks, utilize patient gown rental services with New England Linen. Our team will come in and switch out your soiled gowns for fresh, clean ones. We handle all of the laundering and if you need to add more gowns to your order, it’s an easy, low-cost add on!

2. Increased Patient Comfort

Paper gowns are cold, itchy, and abrasive on the skin and they can rip extremely easily. Cloth gowns are more popular among patients due to their soft material, variety of sizes available, and increased coverage. When the patient is comfortable, they tent to be in a better mood and understanding towards staff members.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Paper gowns generate more paper waste and although they can be recycled, many healthcare practices opt for throwing them away simply due to how easily they become soiled. Cloth gowns are the eco-friendly option as they are laundered after use and can be reused numerous times before having to be disposed of.

To add cloth patient gowns to your linen or uniform rental or to start receiving gloth gowns from New England Linen, give us a call today at 401-723-5498.


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