3 Trends That Will Change the Way You Think About Commercial Laundry Service

commerical laundry servicesOutsourcing laundry was once considered a huge perk to commercial business’s because there were assurances that all products met local, federal, and OSHA regulations. With the commercial laundry business changing before our very eyes, it’s important to adapt to the market and the customers to assure that you are one step ahead of the competition. Here are three trends that you should take into consideration when looking for a commercial laundry service.


Whether you have been using a commercial laundry service for 10 years or 10 days, it’s important to understand your view of our services. Finding out the positive and negative attributes about our company is pivotal so that over time we can improve on the bad and continue to portray the good as we establish a healthy customer-company relationship. Encouraging feedback also allows us to stay a step ahead of the media. For example, if you leave an unhappy customer on “autopilot” and never check up on them they may be more inclined to write a bad review. This, in turn, could lead to potential new leads to avoiding your business. We try our best to stay engaged with customers because the more you voice your opinion, the more we know what we need to improve upon to meet your demands.

Pro Tip: Negative feedback isn’t always bad! No business is perfect and the more we understand what we could be doing better, the quicker we can fix it.


Technology should be at the forefront of any business in this day and age. Its evolution has virtually changed every business there is and can benefit any company if used correctly. With the ability to now measure things like resources, chemicals, and electricity usage, it’s easier now more than ever to find out what we can do to cut down on deficiencies and make the commercial laundry service as fluent as possible.


The multi-step process in the commercial laundry business can be tedious as it is easy to cut corners. A common way is the use of toxic detergents that require excessive amounts of water and can lengthen the washing process, leaving you without your fresh linens for longer than you thought. Luckily, the evolution of eco-friendly products that use natural ingredients has allowed companies like us to provide an efficient cleaning process that washes your linens with less water and less time.


As many small businesses know, you have to do everything in your power to learn the industry and utilize that information to maximize your business’s potential. At New England Linen Supply, we know what it takes to make sure your linens come out as fresh as the first time they were stitched together. Making our customers happy for over 130 years, we have stayed atop the industry due to our ability to meet each and every customer’s needs.

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