4 Reasons to Add Rental Mats to Your Uniform Rental Service

Logo Entrance Mats

New England Linen offers logo entrance mats on a weekly rental service where they are exchanged every week. No costly investment on your part and New England Linen will provide enough mats to rotate out each week.

custom branded entrance mat1. Branding – Logo entrance mats are a branding opportunity right at your front door. Many rental service customers assume that even though they have a uniform rental service they have to purchase their own logo mats and pay for the laundering.

You’ve spent good money on your logo and promoting your brand, let your customers recognize your brand with the very first step into your business.
2. Protect your investment: You have spent a considerable amount of time, energy and money in the flooring of your healthcare facility or restaurant, why not protect the longevity? We have found our rental entrance mat rental service has provided long-term savings in floor resurfacing, carpet replacement and maintenance for our customers.

Here at New England Linen Supply have a mat rental program to meet your goals, budget, and aesthetics.

caution wet floor sign
3. Slip & Fall: There are many ways to avoid slip and falls for both your employees and customers. According to a 2006 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, these disabling occupational injuries was estimated to exceed $11 billion. Entrance mats can help with slippery floor surfaces due to weather and provide a walk-off solution to remove moisture and dirt.

Developing a plan to prevent a slip & fall injury is very important. Outline risk locations where you find a buildup of moisture, greases and other slippery conditions such as at entrance ways, traffic locations, and kitchen doors.

4. Tapete_antifatigaProductivity: Employees who are on their feet in work areas could be subject to fatigue. Although entrance mats and comfort mats alone can’t eliminate fatigue, when combined with proper footwear and not standing for long periods on hard flooring could help reduce fatigue on the back, knees, and feet. New England Linen offers both entrance mats and comfort mats to help you increase productivity and employee comfort.

New England Linen Supply has a variety of sizes, colors and custom options for your entrance mat needs for restaurants, healthcare facilities and workplace in Rhode Island & Massachusetts. For more information, contact us at 800-222-1886 or request a quote online. 


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