5 Ways to Establish an Eco-Friendly Restaurant

formal diningBeing eco-friendly is a huge focus for numerous individuals and it’s important for restaurants to be eco-friendly as well. From locally sourced foods to sustainable linens and uniforms, there are numerous steps you can take to minimize environmental impact.

1. Recycle

Most cities and towns offer recycling programs to help the amount of waste that piles up at landfills. Depending on state regulations, specific guidelines might vary but they all take the basics – plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, and aluminum. Depending on the needs of your restaurant, it’s wise to look for a recycling program that takes these items in addition to hazardous waste items (batteries, lightbulbs, paints, & chemicals) as well as old kitchen equipment. This will be beneficial for when you’re making updates to your restaurant in addition to ensuring the items you use on a daily basis are disposed of correctly.

2. Reduce Waste

Having trouble reducing the amount of waste your restaurant produces? Try implementing the following:

  • Reduce large protions to ones of reasonable size to ensure your guests finish their meal to eliminate the amount of waste left over
  • Switch paper towels in the bathroom out for cloth hand towels that can be cleaned and reused or for a hand dryer
  • Switch your paper menus out for reusable ones as well as use reuable coasters and cloth napkins

3. Use Sustainable Products

Sustainable products that can be used multiple times are more eco-friendly than those that are disposable. Opt for cloth linens (napkins, table cloths, cleaning towels, etc.) and cloth uniforms (aprons, chef coats, etc.). These can all be cleaned and reused, and by outsourcing them as a rental item, you’re becoming even more eco-friendly.

4. Practice Energy Efficiency

Between cold storage and cooking, to lighting and temperature control, running a restaurant utilizes a lot of energy and although all of these aspects are required to run you establishment, there are ways to cut back on the amount of energy used. When installing new appliances, make sure they are Energy Star appliances and switch out any inscandescent light bulbs for energy-efficient CFL or LED bulbs.

5. Conserve Water

Conserving water is one of the easiest ways to help your restaurant become more eco-friendly. Start by only serving drinking water to the patrons that request it and opt for low-pressure faucets in your kitchen and bathrooms. When it comes to outdoor landscape, consider a water catchment and reuse system to recycle the rain water for watering your plants. Another way to conserve water is to rent your employee uniforms and linens to eliminate water usage from laundry.


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