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Why You Should Start Utilizing Uniform Rental Services

While many businesses are looking for areas to cut costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is truly no better time to move from directly purchasing your uniforms to uniform rental. With the current global pandemic, it’s more important than ever that employees aren’t bringing their uniforms home to wash. By changing these uniform practices,… READ MORE

3 Ways to Personalize Your Restaurant

3 Ways to Personalize Your Restaurant

There are plenty of good restaurants out there, but what makes a good restaurant great and keeping the patrons coming back time after time? Having great food, an amazing atmosphere, and excellent service are all important factors, but it’s also the little details that keep restaurant patrons coming back. Why personalize your restaurant? Personalizing your restaurant… READ MORE

How Outsourcing Your Linens & Laundry Services Saves You Money

Regardless of what industry you are in, the cost of purchasing uniforms and linens in addition to laundering them can be extremely high. From patient gowns and hospital bedding to resturant linens and employee uniforms, the cost of outsoucing the entire process easily outweighs the space need to store them and the cost/risk involved with… READ MORE

Your First Choice for Massage Therapy Linen Rental Service in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

Tired of washing your own sheets and towels for your massage therapy studio or clinic? Unhappy with the quality of products your current linen company is providing? Massage Therapy Linen Rental Servicing Rhode Island & Massachusetts New England Linen can get you started with a superior service and quality sheets towels, and bed linen rental… READ MORE

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