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3 Trends That Will Change the Way You Think About Commercial Laundry Service

Outsourcing laundry was once considered a huge perk to commercial business’s because there were assurances that all products met local, federal, and OSHA regulations. With the commercial laundry business changing before our very eyes, it’s important to adapt to the market and the customers to assure that you are one step ahead of the competition…. READ MORE

3 Ways to Personalize Your Restaurant

There are plenty of good restaurants out there, but what makes a good restaurant great and keeping the patrons coming back time after time? Having great food, an amazing atmosphere, and excellent service are all important factors, but it’s also the little details that keep restaurant patrons coming back. Why personalize your restaurant? Personalizing your restaurant… READ MORE

Eliminating Unexpected Issues in Supply Management

No matter what industry you're in, supply management is a crucial part of the foundation of your business. Without supply management, the procurement and management of the products and services your business needs in order to operate wouldn't be possible. By keeping the supply management department organized and running efficiently, you'll be able to reduce... READ MORE

5 Reasons to Use Linen Tablecloths at Your Restaurant

Congratulations on achieving your goal of being a restaurateur! Owning a restaurant is a lifelong dream for many people, but until you’ve actually done it, you don’t realize just how much work goes into the day-to-day operations of food service! Undoubtedly, you are getting to know this reality all too well. There are nearly countless… READ MORE

5 Ways to Improve Patient Experience

Every healthcare organization has one thing in common: providing quality healthcare services and a positive experience for their patients. By identifying the patients’ needs and identifying the areas of improvement will allow you to make changes before problems arise. Between in-person encounters with staff, positive interactions with employees, and any additional forms of communication, the… READ MORE

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