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Why You Shouldn’t Purchase Your Restaurant Linens

Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or are adjusting your current uniform and linen practices, deciding to rent or continue purchasing is a big decision to be making. We’re here to make this decision easier! If you’re still purchasing linens or thinking about purchasing them – don’t. Purchasing your linens and uniforms for your restaurant… READ MORE

4 Reasons Why You Should be Using Cloth Restaurant Napkins

4 Reasons Why You Should be Using Cloth Restaurant Napkins

Paper products are often the first choice for many restaurants – they’re fast, they’re easy, and they’re cheap. While this strategy might work for some restaurants, especially ones that are more casual, are fast-paced, and offer to-go services, having cloth napkins and cloth tablecloths in restaurants offer massive benefits. Cloth Napkins Create a Better Aesthetic… READ MORE

Chef Coat & Kitchen Uniform Rental Versus Direct Purchase

A chef coat rental service will save you time, money, and your image – here is why: Chef’s and restaurant owners recognize the need and the overall benefits of a well-uniformed team, these benefits range from individual safety, image, branding, morale and even customer appeal. Looking at the direct purchase of chef coats and kitchen… READ MORE

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