Avoid OSHA Fines with These Tips

OSHA rules and regulationsThe Occupational Safety and Health Act was established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 1970 to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for all employees. Depending on the industry, these rules and regulations will differ but if they’re not met, there can be hefty fines. In order to avoid these fines and ensure your business is abiding by the laws, especially when it comes to uniforms in the workplace, our team at New England Linen is here to ensure your uniforms are up to code and meet all OSHA standards.

Ways to Prevent OSHA Fines

Listen to Your Employees

The employees at your business are the ones that are working in the field, know what can be improved, and have the knowledge of what steps need to be taken to improve the quality of work that is being completed. Giving your employees the opportunity to express any concerns that they ave in order to improve standards and meet all OSHA standards is crucial. Two ways to can do this is create a suggestion box to allow employees to express their concerns anonymously. The second way is to ensure that as the employer, you’re a positive influence when it comes to being open and staying safe.

Be Prepared & Train Your Employees

Surprise OSHA inspections always happen when you’re least expecting them, making it crucial to take the time to train your employees and always follow OSHA regulations and standards. Take the time to train your team on the laws and safety procedures that are in place to pass OSHA inspections.

  • Having regular training’s will improve your team’s education and knowledge of the standards put in place by OSHA and will give you the opportunity to understand the most up to date standards
  • OSHA has several training’s on a consistent basis that can be taken advantage of, including informational training’s, speaking engagements, workshops and consultation assistance
  • Develop a safety plan that your team is informed of and trained on to ensure a calm and collected team if a surprise inspection does happen

Stay Updated with OSHA Standards

OSHA uniform standards are constantly changing and keeping up with these standards is crucial for avoiding fines. Utilize the OSHA website and the Federal Register, and Safety Daily Advisor websites to stay up to date with the latest state and federal standards that are put in place.

At New England Linen, we make sure that all uniforms follow OSHA standards. To learn more about how we do this and to schedule your rental, contact us today at (401) 723-5498.


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