Benefits of Uniform Rentals

Uniform RentalsUniforms are a crucial part of any business and deciding whether to rent or buy is a costly decision. Many business owners believe that purchasing uniforms in bulk for their employees is the more cost-effective option, but overall renting these necessary items is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. The next time you consider whether to buy or rent uniforms, consider the following benefits:


When you rent your uniforms from New England Linen, we drop off fresh and clean uniforms and linens and pick up the ones that are warn and dirty so you don’t have to worry about washing them, folding them, or making sure everything is in order because we do it all for you!


When you rent uniforms, they are constantly being cared for correctly instead of being worn down to the point of no return. Think of a uniform as a paper towel. Once it’s used and dirty, you throw it away and grab a new one. But if you are using a cloth instead, you are using it until it gets dirty, washing it, and reusing it.


Since your team doesn’t have to worry about dry cleaning the company uniforms, it allows them to spend time doing things that are going to have a long-term effect on your business and be there every step of the way for your customers.


When you purchase your own uniforms, you have to have the additional storage space to store the uniforms that aren’t currently being used. With uniform rentals, there is no need to store the uniforms you are not using because we are dropping off new uniforms when you need them and picking up the ones that need to be cleaned, freeing up any space that you would have used for uniform storage to other, more important items.


When it comes to hiring new employees to add on to your team, the probability of having to make a bulk order of new uniforms is highly probable. If you rent your uniforms, you can add additional uniforms on to your current rental plan to ensure you have enough for everyone and it ends up being cheaper!

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