Bistro Napkins Now Included in the New England Linen Supply Rental Service

The Edgy Euro Bistro Napkin hits the product line-up of New England Linen Supply

Our customers have always loved the look and feel of kitchen towels for the use as dinner napkins; finally after some research and testing we now have a product that we are proud to offer.

Bistro Napkins Add to Ambience Our first experience with the bistro napkin started with an Oyster Bar in Boston, Massachusetts; at the time we were using our standard “new” kitchen towel to meet the need of our client. Although this fit their need perfectly, offering an exclusive bistro napkin in our product line-up was high on the agenda.

The new bistro napkin closely resembles the kitchen towel or also known as the dish towel. This kitchen towel concept has been re-worked with a high-quality material and the same sizing and style as the kitchen towel but now much more suitable for the dining experience.

The bistro napkin is much larger than your standard dinner napkin, and your clients will definitely appreciate the extra effort for their dining enjoyment. This new version of the bistro napkin will not shed lint like the older dish towels / kitchen towels; this was one of the biggest draw backs to using kitchen towels as napkins in the dining room.

The styling is distinctive and definitely implies the bistro look and feel with the bistro stripes offered in several colors.

The bistro napkin provides an edgy new look adding to the bistro ambiance!

Our bistro napkin is manufactured in the same high-quality damask fabric, over-sized and available in white with a variety of color stripe options such as burgundy, black, green and blue.The bistro napkin wash formula has been quality tested to meet our standards and it is obvious by the reception we have had this product here is here to stay.

New England Linen Supply is complete linen and uniform rental company where dependable service at pricing you can count on is not only our business but our tradition since 1886.


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