Caring for Your Towels


Towels can be easily overlooked in terms of importance to your business. Whether you’re running a kitchen or a beauty salon, they are absolutely essential to making sure the environment you present to customers is both clean and comfortable. Towels also require a bit of care themselves if you’re to keep the same ones in use for a while. Here’s how you can take the proper steps needed to care for your towels to add to their longevity.

Wash Your Brand New Ones 

You’re probably thinking, “Wait, I just bought this towel, I don’t need to wash a BRAND NEW one do I?” That’s actually not true. It is encouraged that you wash your towels before using them for the first time. Different chemicals are put into towels so that they stay soft and fluffy for retail. Washing your new towels not only washes these chemicals out, but also makes them more absorbent. 

Wash After Every Third Use 

It’s important to maintain a certain quality in a towel after using. We recommend you wash your towels after every third use. This way it hasn’t absorbed too much fluid, making it easier to wash all of the chemicals that may have been absorbed by the towel during use. Be sure that the towel is being washed in warm water so that it doesn’t look its color. Adding vinegar also helps!

Properly Dry Your Towels 

Try and hang dry your towels so that there’s as little interference as possible. If not, you can always place them in a dry on low-heat so that the fibers do not stiffen. Before drying them, however, make sure that you shake your towel out. This will help the towel with maintaining its fluffiness.  After you’ve dried your towel, fold it immediately.  Folding it is good for not just looking neat on display, but also so that it doesn’t wrinkle. 

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