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4 Reasons Why You Should be Using Cloth Restaurant Napkins

4 Reasons Why You Should be Using Cloth Restaurant Napkins

Paper products are often the first choice for many restaurants – they’re fast, they’re easy, and they’re cheap. While this strategy might work for some restaurants, especially ones that are more casual, are fast-paced, and offer to-go services, having cloth napkins and cloth tablecloths in restaurants offer massive benefits. Cloth Napkins Create a Better Aesthetic… READ MORE

Industries That Benefit from Linen Rentals

There are dozens of different kinds of businesses that need clean linens and textiles on a regular basis. The products they require include tablecloths, chair covers, blankets, and certain types of clothing. In many cases, because these businesses don’t have onsite laundry facilities, it makes more sense to rent their linens than to purchase them…. READ MORE

3 Trends That Will Change the Way You Think About Commercial Laundry Service

Outsourcing laundry was once considered a huge perk to commercial business’s because there were assurances that all products met local, federal, and OSHA regulations. With the commercial laundry business changing before our very eyes, it’s important to adapt to the market and the customers to assure that you are one step ahead of the competition…. READ MORE

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