Common Health Care Linen Management Problems

Common Health Care Linen Management Problems

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The world of health care is filled with common errors and problems. While linen may not be at the top of your mind when you think of those problems, it should be! These are some of the most common problems with linen management in the world of health care that you should be on the lookout for.

Not Accounting for Patient Increases or Decreases

Certain seasons see higher and lower patient volumes. For instance, the end of the year and the time from September – October typically see higher patient volumes due to athletes returning to their sports and individuals with medical savings accounts. During this time, it’s beneficial to invest in additional linens, but you have to remember to adjust the order amount after the busy season passes. Paying for large orders during times of decreased patient volumes will leave you with more than you need and a bill to match.

Minimal Facility-Vendor Communication

There should be an open and consistent line of communication between the facility and the vendor. Your vendor should know about seasonal changes, staff changes, product changes, and more. Without this clear communication your orders likely won’t meet your needs in the best way possible and you could be wasting thousands of dollars on the incorrect linens or running out of linens before your next order arrives.

Not Double-Checking Invoice Against Stocked Product

You should take the time to check your invoice against the stocked product each time a new order is received. While this process may seem time consuming and repetitive, it’s the only way to catch errors and ensure you’re truly getting the linens that you’re paying for. If you notice an error between the invoice and actual product delivered you should alert the vendor right away to correct the mistake.

No Emergency Option

No matter how prepared you think you are, emergencies happen. If you face a sudden influx in patient or staff volume you need to have an option prepared to acquire more linens quickly. Scrambling to find linens at the last second looks unprofessional and will leave your patients questioning the facility as a whole. Always have a backup plan in place, even if you never actually need to use it. Emergency linen delivery may cost more, but your patient comfort is worth any cost necessary. Review this emergency plan with all management and staff who may need to handle a linen shortage in an emergency situation.

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