Common Questions About our Healthcare Linen Rentals

Hospital LinensNew England Line provides linens for variety of industries including healthcare, food production, and beauty although the one industry we get the most questions regarding is the healthcare industry. As linens become soiled very quickly and saniation is a top priority within the healthcare industry, hospital linens need to receive the proper cleaning in order to stop the spread of contamination. If you’re considering renting the linens for your hospital or doctors office, ask these questions before making a decision on a linen rental service.

What Kind of Healthcare Linens Are There?

All industries require diffenent types of linens for a variety of different uses, but the linens used within the healthcare industry are in a league of their own. New England Linen offers many different linen rental services specific to the healthcare industry, including:

  • Patient Gowns – The hospital can get dirty, especially during procedures. Upon arrival, patients are asked to change into a patient gown because of this. If they get dirty or soiled, they’re easy to replace and sanitize.
  • Bed Linens – The sheets on a hospital bed need to be replaced every time a new patient enters the room and with hundreds of patients coming through the hospital each day, these sheets are changed on a very frequent basis. Paired with patient incontinence, sheets are gone through extremely quickly.
  • Medical Uniforms – From lab coats and scrubs to knit cuff tops, New England Linen offers a large variety of medical uniforms for healthcare professionals. These uniforms safeguard healthcare providers from contaimnents.

How Does it Work?

Once you make the decision to rent linens for your hospital or doctors office, you’ll speak with one of our team members about the types of healthcare linens you need to rent and then you will schedule out how often you’ll need them. From there, we will make routine visits to drop off clean linens and pick up the soiled linens to be cleaned.

What Are the Benefits?

Renting linens instead of purchasing them has numerous benefits:

  • Maintenance free
  • Reduce storage space
  • Environmentall friendly
  • Less labor

Are you ready to make the leap and rent linens for your hospital? Call New England Linen today at (401) 723-5498.


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