Delivery Quality and Service: Our Butcher Frock and Meat Packing Uniforms


Delivering quality cuts of meat is no clean task and that is why our customers take pride in wearing butcher coats and frocks provided by New England Linen.

Our experience and knowledge in providing comfortable, clean and sanitary coats and apparel to meat packing plants, local butchers and meat purveyors in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Today our clients are focused on safety, branding and providing a uniformed look throughout their plant or store. We can help achieve that with various options of butcher coats and frocks, special colored frocks, distinguished colored collar frocks and unique branding options are available with New England Linen Supply.

Our frocks are available with and without pockets, they are also available with and without knit cuffs.

You will love our attention to detail, personalized service and we will make organizing for your rental uniform program easier than ever before.

Give us a call  and one of our team members can visit your location and provide you with a free service plan and price quote.


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