Direct Purchase vs. Uniform Rental Service

This is one topic that we find potential clients in both the restaurant and hospitality industries, as well as the healthcare industry, compare from time to time. Our experience here at New England Linen can help you make an educated decision when it comes to obtaining a uniform rental service versus a direct purchase or clothing allowance program.

Cost & Expense

The Direct Purchase & Clothing Allowance:

  • The initial investment can be overwhelming and you should also consider the actual purchase price, providing enough uniforms for adequate rotation to increase the life of the apparel and exchange policies.

The Uniform Rental Service:

  • Using New England Linen Supply as an example, our customers experience no start-up or investment costs when implementing a uniform rental program. Whether you are looking for restaurant kitchen uniforms such as kitchen shirts or chef coats, a healthcare facility look for lab coats or exam jackets you will not need to invest in your inventory.

Size Changes & Uniform Upkeep

The Direct Purchase & Clothing Allowance:

  • It is safe to say that if you choose a direct purchase or provide a clothing allowance for your staff, there will be size changes to consider and uniform maintenance. This is an added expense for either you or your employees to consider the overall cost of providing staff uniforms.

The Uniform Rental Service:

  •  The uniform rental program will provide you peace of mind with sizing and uniform upgrades and maintenance. Just think to keep your employees looking their best throughout the duration of the service and it doesn’t cost you any extra with New England Linen.

Employee Turnover

The Direct Purchase & Clothing Allowance:

  • You will need to purchase and properly size new hires. This can become a burden over time especially if you experience seasonal transitions or experience staff turnover or temporary help.

The Uniform Rental Service:

  • The uniform rental service has a variety of options from spare / per-diem uniforms for seasonal and temporary help. The ability to place a call and have uniforms ready to go from day one for your new employees, less hassle and more time doing what you do best.

Looking for more information in Rhode Island or Massachusetts? Give the uniform experts a call here at New England Linen for a free uniform evaluation and cost projection.


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