Eco-friendly Healthcare Uniform & Linen Rental Service in Rhode Island & Massachusetts

Do you ever wonder why healthcare providers would use a disposable lab coat versus a clean, sanitary, and comfortable garment? Let’s be honest, we all cringe at the sight of being handed a paper exam gown in a doctor’s office.

We sometimes look at the items we are purchasing strictly in terms of the unit price and not associated costs, even though in many cases, disposable products exceed the cost of reusable products prior to considering associated costs.

What are some of the associated costs with disposable uniform and paper products such as drape sheets, lab coats and exam gowns?

  • You need the staff to maintain an inventory level either monthly or quarterly
  • You need storage for these products monthly or quarterly
  • You are adding to your waste disposal costs
  • You’re contributing to the increase healthcare waste in our landfills
  • Your patients & staff aren’t comfortable

With a reusable linen and uniform health care rental service you can count on us

  • We provide clean sanitary products each & every delivery
  • Our delivery program cuts down your need for storage
  • We’re committed to environmentally friendly detergents
  • Managed discharge of waste water
  • Modern efficient delivery fleet & routing
  • Your patients and staff will be comfortable & safe

New England Linen Supply provides a complete healthcare linen and uniform rental service that is committed to providing clean, comfortable and sanitary reusable products that is cost efficient as well as ec·o-friend·ly. Contact us today for a free cost analysis and service plan!


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