Five Considerations when Comparing a Salon Towel Rental Service versus Purchasing your Own Towels and Equipment

Investment, Time, Energy, Maintenance, and Growth are the factors regarding a towel rental service for your salon.

With many successful years of helping salon owners achieve their goals with an affordable salon towel rental program, we put together some answers to the questions these new business owners have asked.

What is the investment with a salon towel rental service?

There is no investment with our rental program, the service is strictly a rental program and there is no need for you to purchase towels.

Salon towel Rental Service

Time is key

New salon owners quickly realize once they open the doors to their new salon that if they had purchased their own towels it takes a significant amount of time from their staff to wash, dry and fold towels. Our towel rental program will free up your staff to continue doing what they do best and service your customers.


Routine maintenance of our product is included in our service, as the towels need to be replaced under normal wear and tear you can count on us.  Could you imagine having to make the initial purchase and continue purchasing towels every 6 months or so depending on your volume and wash formula?


Salon owner usually forgets to think of the overall expenses when comparing a towel service with a direct purchase. Even with the most efficient machines, you need to consider water, electric and heat in your overall budget, again with New England Linen Supply this is all included in our low unit price.


As your business starts to increase we are a phone call away for extra towels and an inventory increase, imagine purchasing a bulk of towels and realizing in two months you need double that amount and it will take 5 weeks to ship.

“I love having the towel service! I couldn’t imagine having the time to wash and fold all these towels” Cheryl –Salon owner Providence, Rhode Island

“As a new owner with a small client the every other week service is a perfect fit for our budget”  Trisha – Salon owner Cambridge, Massachusetts


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