Getting the Most Out of Your Company Uniforms

Getting the Most Out of Your Company Uniforms

Even if you utilize the highest quality uniforms, they will eventually need to be replaced, which is why we highly recommend uniform rental over purchasing your uniform outright. Whether or not you decide to purchase or rent your uniforms, there are a handful of things your team can do to ensure the uniforms last as long as possible.

Launder Your Uniforms Regularly

Uniforms are regularly soiled just by wearing them by way of perspiration, body oils, and dead skin cells. So even if the uniforms look clean, they may not be. When uniforms are dirty, they tend to break down faster than clean ones. Depending on the work environment, the cleanliness of uniforms and how often they switched out will depend.

Address Stains & Spills Immediately

When spills happen, addressing them will reduce the likeliness of a permanent stain. Overall, stains will not affect the integrity of your uniforms but can give a poor impression to your customers.

Pay Attention to Special Instructions

All clothing include labels with cleaning instructions, and this includes uniforms! If you are addressing a stain, ironing, or cleaning a uniform, make sure to read the special instructions before washing the uniforms or using any detergents on them.

Store Uniforms Properly

To extend the lifespan of your uniforms, properly storing them is crucial. Keeping them stored in a closet, locker, or placed on a rack on a hanger will keep the fabric in tip-top shape. If they’re just thrown into a pile, they will get wrinkled.

When storing your uniforms, you also want to consider heat, moisture, and direct sunlight, all of which can lead to early deterioration. Instead, store uniforms in a cool, dry place.

Outsource Your Uniforms

The easiest and most convenient way to get the most out of your uniforms is to outsource them! Through New England Linen, your employees will always have ready to wear uniforms that are clean and wrinkle-free. To get your free quote, contact us today at 401-723-5498.

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