How Does Uniform and Linen Rental Work?

How Does Uniform and Linen Rental Work?

Uniform and linen rental services have been growing in popularity in recent years. The services are convenient for business owners and make the job of the employees easier too! Before you can decide if uniform and linen services are right for you, you have to understand a little bit more about how the whole process works.

What is Uniform and Linen Rental?

Uniform and linen rentals are exactly what it sounds like! You sign a contract with a rental company and they will provide you with the linen and uniforms you need for your business. The rental company is responsible for cleaning the uniforms and linens once they’re dirty, which means one less thing you have to be responsible for! Renting uniforms and linens ensures you always have what you need on hand when you need it. Before steering way at the idea of renting because you think it comes at a higher cost, you should consider the time and money you’ll spend laundering and replacing the items yourself.


Before you start the rental process, you should have a consultation with the linen and uniform rental service. They’ll go through your exact needs with you, discuss prices, and set up a schedule. This is the time when you should be asking any questions you have about the process.

Assigned Rentals

Next, you’ll review exactly what garments and how many you’ll need to be rented. Each garment you’re renting will be embedded with a tracker so we know where they’re at through every step of the process. This also gives you some insurance in the fact that if a garment is lost along the process, you can track down exactly where it went and avoid unnecessary charges from the rental company.

Rental Drop Off and Pick Up

Finally, you’ll be assigned a drop-off and pick up schedule with your rental company. Garments will be dropped off one day and picked up another. When they’re picked up, they’ll be cleaned and returned to you on the following drop off day.

Uniform and linen rental is the best way to ensure quality products and controlled inventory. The cost of purchasing your own linen and uniforms, cleaning them, and replacing them if they’re lost, is often much higher than a rental fee! Give us a call today to schedule your consultation and learn more about how our rental services can help your company.


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