How Our Uniform Rental Service Works for You

Depending on your individual needs for a uniform rental service there are two options available.

Personalized issue apparel

Depending on how many days an employee works we would build a working inventory of uniforms for them. As an example, if an employee works 5 days per week we would issue a total inventory of 11 uniforms. This would allow for 5 uniforms being delivered clean, 5 uniforms dirty to be picked up and 1 uniform on the employee at the time of the delivery. Each garment is specially coded for your account and personally assigned to the employee.

Spare Uniform System

Our spare uniform system helps clients that may need a specific amount of sizes each week but does not necessarily have a need for personalized garments. This system can help clients maintain an adequate amount of stock on hand always for employees. We find clients that have temporary help or experience a turnover in staff find this one of the most cost-efficient ways to provide a uniform service that is easily managed.

Repairs and Replacements of worn apparel

As always, our superior uniform rental service provides free repairs and replacements of apparel under normal wear and tear. We also include free any size changes that would be needed throughout the duration of the service.

We pride ourselves on service

New England Linen has a long-standing tradition of providing the highest quality uniform rental service in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Clean, fresh uniforms systemically delivered to you each week is not only our business but our tradition since 1886.


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