How Outsourcing Your Linens & Laundry Services Saves You Money

Commercial LaundryRegardless of what industry you are in, the cost of purchasing uniforms and linens in addition to laundering them can be extremely high. From patient gowns and hospital bedding to resturant linens and employee uniforms, the cost of outsoucing the entire process easily outweighs the space need to store them and the cost/risk involved with laundering them.

Purchasing Inventory

Purchasing the uniforms and linens for your company can be a large cost that can be drastically reduced by renting them instead. This also means less waiting when you hire new employees on to your team. Simply call and add an extra uniform to your order!

Equipment & Maintenance Costs

When you own your uniforms and linens out right, you have to take into account the costs of buying and maintaining the equipment you’ll need to properly wash and sanitize your uniforms/linens. Commercial laundry equipmet isn’t cheap and when it breaks, the upfront repair costs can be expotential.

By renting your uniforms and linens, you’ll reduce the costs of laundering them as well as free up the space that would be taken up by big, clunky machines.

Utility Costs

Commercial laundry machines utlize a lot of energy, which will cause your utility costs to skyrocket. By outsourcing your laundering services through your linen and uniform rental services, you’ll reduce your utility costs on top of being environmentally friendly!

Insurance Costs

Although they do not happen frequently, workplace injuries can be a huge expense. There are a lot of risks associated with employees using commerical laundry machines and hot irons and when an employee gets hurt on the job, insurance costs skyrocket. There is also a risk of fire and floor that come along with these commerical machines.

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