How to Prevent Health Care Linen Loss

Linens are a huge part of daily services within hospitals and healthcare clinics – the employees wear them and they’re what keep patients comfortable. Linen loss is becoming a huge problem for hospitals and can result in a huge monetary loss. By taking the necessary steps to prevent health care linen loss, you’ll be able to save a lot of money and frustration.

hospital bed linens1. Keep an Inventory Audit

Keeping an audit of your inventory will allow you to keep track of the linens you have, which ones keep disappearing, and the pattern of the disappearance. This doesn’t need to be done every week, but try to audit the linen inventory at least every quarter.

2. Identify the Source of Loss

Once you’ve done a handful of audits, make note of the linens that keep disappearing. If they’re employee uniforms, is it that they’re being taken home to wash and the individual forgets to bring them back to work? If it’s blankets, bathrobes, and other patient items, are they disappearing when the patient is discharged? Understanding where the source of loss is will help you be able to prevent linen loss in the future.

3. Educate Employees

Educating employees on the cost of linens and how frequently the linens are being replaced (and what that costs each time) will help them better estimate if a linen should be discarded or if they can be cleaned and sanitized for reuse. Oftentimes, employees aren’t sure whether the linen should be discarded or sanitized, so they’ll just discard it.

By outsourcing your uniforms and linens, employees will no longer have to worry about what linens need to be discarded of and which can be cleaned and re-used. At New England Linen Supply, we’ll pick up your soiled linens and replace them with fresh, clean linens. From there, we will assess whether the soiled linens can be cleaned and sanitized or if they will need to be discarded. This takes the guesswork out for your employees!

4. Educate Patients

Oftentimes patients, especially ones that are in your facility for longer periods of time, believe they can take home blankets, robes, slippers, etc. when they are discharged. Simply keep an audit of the inventory that is in their room and let the patient know that there will be a fee for any of those items if they are taken.

5. Utilize Inventory Management

By implementing a linen supply management system, your linens will be able to be tracked on an ongoing basis. If you’re renting your linens, simply keep track of when they are going in and out of the facility, the amount that are being replaced, etc. This will help you eliminate any loss in the future.

Specializing in linen loss, New England Linen Supply will help you prevent linen loss while providing you with high-quality linens for your employees and patients. To learn more, give us a call at 401-723-5498.


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