How to Select the Right Linens for Your Restaurant

restaurant linensMaking a good first impression is crucial in the restuarant industry and it goes beyond the food. The second a customer steps foot in a resturant, they look around to see if they like the look and feel of the space, and decide whether or not they like it. This makes appearence and ambiance a top priority in order to pull customers in. Investing in the interior of your retaurant is a must and by renting the linens for your retaurant is a cost effective option for ensuring your linens look prestine at all times.

The Selection Process

Selecting linens can be overwhelming so it’s crucial to have knowledge about fabic quality – thread count, materials, and sizes. Unlike bed linens, having a lower thread count material is actually better for the resturant industry because fabrics with low thread counts are more durable and won’t be damaged as easily. Poly cotton blends are the most durable and are more wrinkle resistant than other fabrics.

Restaurant Setting

The linens you select should match the brand identitiy of your restaurant in order to truly pull the space together. You wouldn’t use the same type of lines in a cafe as you would in a fine dining atmosphere so it’s important to keep in mind linen pattern, design, and color.


  • White table cloths give off an impression of elegance and class at fine dining restuarants
  • Bright tablecloth shades will catch the eye of passerbyers of casual restaurants

The Renting Process

Once you have made the decision to rent the linens for your restaurant, you will speak with one of our team members to go over the linens you will be needing, frequency of delivery, and cost. We will then make routine drop offs with clean linens and pick up and soiled linens for cleaning.

To start the rental process, call New England Linen today at (401) 723-5498.


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