Industries That Benefit from Linen Rentals

linensThere are dozens of different kinds of businesses that need clean linens and textiles on a regular basis. The products they require include tablecloths, chair covers, blankets, and certain types of clothing. In many cases, because these businesses don’t have onsite laundry facilities, it makes more sense to rent their linens than to purchase them. As you read on, you’ll see details about some of the industries that benefit from partnering with linen rental services.

  1. Culinary – The culinary field goes through linens at an extremely fast rate. Restaurants require fresh tablecloths, napkins, aprons, and staff uniforms on a daily basis. A good linen rental service can make sure they have everything they need to be delivered regularly, while soiled products are removed from the premises to be cleaned.
  2. Food production – Food production companies, including those that manufacture mass-produced items you buy at the grocery store and those that create custom items, like baked goods, need to have clean linens available regularly. They primarily require aprons and uniforms for their staff members but may also utilize tablecloths and other similar products on occasion.
  3. Massage therapy – In order to make sure their clients are comfortable, massage therapists use sheets and pillowcases on their tables. They, of course, change these between each session for the sake of hygiene. This can cause a lot of laundry to build-up! By using a linen rental service, massage professionals can eliminate the need to do multiple loads of laundry per week just to make sure they have enough clean linens for all of their appointments. They also don’t have to store dozens of sets of bedding, which is a major perk since many of these people work from their homes.
  4. Beauty – Salons and beauty schools alike use a variety of linens on a daily basis. Aprons and towels, for example, are essentials in these facilities, which generally don’t have space for their own washers and dryers. Working with a linen rental company makes it easy for beauty industry professionals to have clean towels and other items available for every appointment.

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