Linen Rental 101

No matter the size of your business, linens play a crucial role in the customer experience. Utilizing linen rental services will eliminate energy costs due to the laundering process, will save you storage space, and will create a clean, safe environment for both your customers and employees.

linensWhy use a linen rental service?

By using a linen rental service, you are able to focus on the more important tasks, like running your business. Linen rentals companies will assist you in managing inventory, help cut laundering costs and will eliminate unnecessary headaches.

Who benefits from linen rentals?

Linen rentals are available for businesses within all industries but are most beneficial for restaurants and catering businesses, and spas. There are also various products to select from depending on the industry you are in, which makes rentals that much beneficial.

Linen Rental Products

When you think of linens, you’re probably thinking of tablecloths, napkins, and bedding but linen rental also includes aprons, patients gowns, a multitude of uniforms, entry mats, mops, and aprons, just to name a few. Depending on your needs, the frequency and types of products you receive is completely individualized. Are you in need of drop offs and pick ups numerous times a week? We can do that for you! New England Linen also offers logo printing on any of the linens you might need to further brand business.

Why do you need new linens?

Businesses in the hospitality and culinary industries will need clean, fresh linens on a more frequent basis compared to other industries due to linens only being used once and soiling easily. New England Linen will drop off your fresh linens and pick up any soiled ones for laundering five days per week in order to keep your facility running smoothly.

Why You Need to Utilize a Linen Rental Service

With a large number of linens being used on a daily basis, keeping up with the laundering process can be overwhelming and expensive. There are also numerous laws and regulations put in place to ensure linens and uniforms are cleaned and sanitized properly and a qualified linen rental service will be able to handle all of the soiled linens properly in order to obey these regulations.

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