Linen Reusable Patient Gown Rental Versus Disposable Products

Cloth Patient Gown Rental provides comfort for patients and efficiency for the environment-friendly practice

The biggest mistake healthcare practice managers make when comparing cloth patient gown rental programs to disposable products is comparing only the cost of the disposable patient gowns.

The true actual costs which should be associated when making a decision of cloth versus paper is the product cost, the cost of waste disposal, stockroom and storage costs, environmental costs and shipping costs.

Did you know disposable products require more storage space than a patient gown rental program?

Our cloth patient gown rental program is unit priced which includes your delivery, pick-up, laundering, packaging and service to maintain a working cost effectively inventory. This is not to mention the comfort and image you will be projecting to your patients, the fact is staff and patients will like the look and feel of a reusable patient gown than that of a paper exam gown.

Healthcare disposables add millions of tons of waste each year?

The processing of reusable linen products does require resources but with modern laundering techniques and equipment facilities are now running energy efficient operations without adding to our landfills.

Patient gown rental programs are not one size fits all!

Healthcare facilities require patient gowns designed to meet their specific needs, mammography gowns, barrier gowns, IV Gowns, Wrap Gowns and Pediatric Gowns are just a few of the many styles of patient gowns offered with the patient gown rental program offered New England Linen Supply.

Be sure to give New England Linen Supply a call for a full and complete analysis of your healthcare linen and uniform needs, we will provide a complete cost-effective program to meet the needs of your healthcare facility.


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