Linen Supply & Uniform Rental in Somerville, MA


A well renowned town in Middlesex County, Somerville Massachusetts hosts a diverse community of small businesses from robust food joints to do-it-yourself arts venues. It is also home to one of the premier medical institutions in the country in Tufts University. Many students and newly employed residents in the area will be undergoing training or starting their next big venture in their medical careers. New England Linen would like to assure medical professionals both new and experienced as well as their respective facilities that our diverse selection of linen products can serve them in a multitude of settings. 

Medical Facility & Linen Rental Services Somerville 

From patient gowns to mammography capes, New England Linen Supply will provide you with the right materials needed for your medical establishment. We make sure our standards are as high as possible when offering our products to our clients. This means making sure they are meant to stay useful for a long period of time and are also compliant with OSHA regulations, meaning they are absolutely safe for you and your staff. 

In addition to medical facilities. New England Linen Supply also creates linen and fabrics for other industries such as the beauty salon industry and the food industry. Whether it’s medical facilities or kitchens, we bring the same standard of excellence to creating linens for our clients. 

How New England Linen Can Help You 

For more than 125 years, New England Linen and Supply has given a consistent and safe product to establishments of many different industries. Feel free to reach out to us at (401) 723-5498.

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