Modern Urgent Care Facilities Increase Patient Comfort with Cloth Patient Exam Gowns

Quality, comfort, and price are three reasons why more urgent care centers are relying more on a healthcare linen rental service.

Urgent care practices have changed from the cold, stark environment of years ago with an emphasis on quality patient care, state of the art medical facilities and an atmosphere to ease the mind and worry of patients who are visiting for a medical emergency.
Affordable healthcare reusable linens are now the norm in these state of the art facilities, no more patients sitting on paper drape sheets or wrapped in a paper exam gown that makes them feel like the morning newspaper.
The concern for patient care, thinking green and the reliability and cost advantages of rental healthcare linen has caught the eyes of many urgent care center practice managers.

“Thank you – the linen service saved us money but we don’t have to hassle with ordering and keeping a stock room of paper products.”  Elaine C. – practice manager Wellesley, MA

How a healthcare linen rental service will save you time and money while boosting your image:

No costly investment in laundry equipment
You will know your products are laundered to meet the industry standard
All patient gowns and linen rental products wrapped in protective plastic
Your employees won’t have to worry about re-ordering week after week
No more disposal costs when you change to a healthcare linen rental program
You can depend on us for a consistent weekly delivery schedule
Exam gowns to meet your needs and specialty
Your patients will thank you

Urgent care facilities commonly use linen products such as terry hand towels, facecloths, patient gowns, draw sheets, twin sheets, pediatric exam gowns and lab coats. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment at your convenience to increase your patients comfort and to establish an affordable linen rental service.


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