New England Linen Healthcare Lab Coat Rental VS. Dry Cleaning

Let’s look at the number one reason why more doctors and healthcare providers choose New England Linen Healthcare Lab Coat rental service over traditional dry cleaning.

New England Linen has a lab coat rental service to meet the needs of your staff and providers. Whether it be a traditional white lab coat, knit cuff lab coat or a protective fluid resistant lab coat, we’ve for you covered.


Our healthcare lab coat rental service provides substantial savings over traditional dry cleaning services for lab coats.


We provide weekly service and monthly billing all with a customer service team that is here to meet your individual needs.

No More Investment

New England Linen’s lab coat rental program provides the lab coats for you. Your practice will no longer need to worry about investing in new lab coats nor will you have to worry about maintaining that professional appearance.  New England Linen will repair or replace worn-out apparel keeping your staff looking their best each day.

Branding & Embroidery

Are you looking for personalized embroidered lab coats? We can provide personalized embroidery and a variety of branding options for your healthcare office or dentistry practice.

New England Linen Supply’s Healthcare Lab Coat Service is Just what the doctor ordered®


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