New Healthcare Rental Product – Forever Patient Gown

New Healthcare Rental Product – Forever Patient Gown

New England Linen Supply is committed to continuously testing products that will meet our standards and the needs of our healthcare clients. We have tested and released the new Forever Patient gown into our line of exam gowns available in our healthcare linen rental service.

A few things to know about the Forever Patient Gown

Angle Back Overlap Exam Gown

  • Colorfast
  • Long Lasting
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Comfortable & Durable
  • Cost Effective

The Sweep – The sweep of an exam gown is the circumference around the bottom of the gown when laid flat. The Forever gown provides 63” inches of sweep providing enough room and comfort for this to be the main gown offered for mostly all of your patient base.

The Length – The length of a patient gown is measured from the neck line to the bottom of the gown. One of the biggest concerns of patients is that there is not enough coverage, patient gowns tend to ride when sitting, this is due to shorter gowns lacking the length for comfort and coverage. The length of the Forever Gown is 51” inches, the perfect length for a variety of uses and practices.

Sleeve Length – Sleeve length is measured from the armpit seam to the edge of the sleeve. Our new Forever Patient Gown offers a 6” sleeve providing the needed coverage and comfort, your patients will be comfortable wearing a Forever Gown.

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