Why You Shouldn’t Purchase Your Restaurant Linens

Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or are adjusting your current uniform and linen practices, deciding to rent or continue purchasing is a big decision to be making. We’re here to make this decision easier! If you’re still purchasing linens or thinking about purchasing them – don’t. Purchasing your linens and uniforms for your restaurant… READ MORE

4 Reasons Why You Should be Using Cloth Restaurant Napkins

4 Reasons Why You Should be Using Cloth Restaurant Napkins

Paper products are often the first choice for many restaurants – they’re fast, they’re easy, and they’re cheap. While this strategy might work for some restaurants, especially ones that are more casual, are fast-paced, and offer to-go services, having cloth napkins and cloth tablecloths in restaurants offer massive benefits. Cloth Napkins Create a Better Aesthetic… READ MORE

Chef Coat & Kitchen Uniform Rental Versus Direct Purchase

A chef coat rental service will save you time, money, and your image – here is why: Chef’s and restaurant owners recognize the need and the overall benefits of a well-uniformed team, these benefits range from individual safety, image, branding, morale and even customer appeal. Looking at the direct purchase of chef coats and kitchen… READ MORE

What Linen Napkins Say About your Restaurant

What Linen Napkins Say About your Restaurant Service, quality, and ambiance are three important factors your clients notice and talk about while visiting your restaurant. There is no doubt having a linen napkin provides a visual aesthetic, emphasizes your role in providing a comfortable experience and reflects the commitment of sustainability within your restaurant. Did… READ MORE

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