5 Ways to Improve Patient Experience

Every healthcare organization has one thing in common: providing quality healthcare services and a positive experience for their patients. By identifying the patients’ needs and identifying the areas of improvement will allow you to make changes before problems arise. Between in-person encounters with staff, positive interactions with employees, and any additional forms of communication, the… READ MORE

5 Ways to Establish an Eco-Friendly Restaurant

Being eco-friendly is a huge focus for numerous individuals and it’s important for restaurants to be eco-friendly as well. From locally sourced foods to sustainable linens and uniforms, there are numerous steps you can take to minimize environmental impact. 1. Recycle Most cities and towns offer recycling programs to help the amount of waste that… READ MORE

How Outsourcing Your Linens & Laundry Services Saves You Money

Regardless of what industry you are in, the cost of purchasing uniforms and linens in addition to laundering them can be extremely high. From patient gowns and hospital bedding to resturant linens and employee uniforms, the cost of outsoucing the entire process easily outweighs the space need to store them and the cost/risk involved with… READ MORE

Common Questions About our Healthcare Linen Rentals

New England Line provides linens for variety of industries including healthcare, food production, and beauty although the one industry we get the most questions regarding is the healthcare industry. As linens become soiled very quickly and saniation is a top priority within the healthcare industry, hospital linens need to receive the proper cleaning in order to stop… READ MORE

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