How to Remove Stains from White Tablecloths

Tableclothes do a wonderful job of protecting your table from stains but it’s almost impossible to keep your tableclothes stain-free, especially around the holidays. It’s important to always follow the washing instructions to ensure you are treating the material correctly. Beyond the regular washing instructions, there are a few ways to help prevent and treat… READ MORE

Tips for Reducing Slips, Trips & Falls in Your Healthcare Facility

Slips and trips are one of the leading causes of injuries, whether they are minor or severe, especially in healthcare facilities. With a majority of fall victims being hospital patients and patients in long-term facilities, removing the causes of these accidents to reduce injuries and even deaths is crucial. Below, we’re sharing our best tips… READ MORE

What Type of Uniform Rental Program Is Best For Your Business?

Uniform rental management is an important step to maintaining a cost-effective inventory Two types of uniform rental services should be considered as the business owner or manager in order to maintain value in your uniform rental program: Spare/Per Diem or Individual Rental Uniform & Employee Assessment Do you have steady and long term employees with… READ MORE

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