Patient Comfort With Linen Patient Exam Gowns Will Increase Your Patient Satisfaction & Their Perception of Care

Image and comfort are as simple as cloth versus paper

Aside from preventative care visits to a physician’s office, a visit to the doctor’s office can be an uncomfortable and nervous experience. Most patients are visiting your medical practice due to an emergency or illness.

Many doctors’ offices spend a lot of time searching out comfortable waiting room furniture, the latest flat screen TV and a wide range of reading material to increase the comfort of their patient’s time waiting to be seen.

You comforted the patients prior to the exam why would you not want to continue this by providing a comfortable clean linen exam gown?

The fact is disposable paper exam gowns fit poorly and nobody is a one size fits all. The paper exam gowns rip & tear and provides limited coverage during the exam, some will even say they are like wearing a paper bag. Patients find themselves awkwardly trying to prevent exposure or tearing the paper exam gown while sitting on the exam table. This is not to mention maintaining a paper exam gown inventory is time-consuming and takes up precious real-estate with storage in your healthcare practice.

No matter how nice your waiting room is or how big your staff smiles, the awkward moments wearing a paper exam gown is what they will remember last.

In days prior to the modern wash formulas and OSHA standards, infection control was a major concern with linen exam gown products. The introductions of modern industrial wash facilities such as New England Linen Supply have stringent wash formulas, superior products with both the patient’s protection and comfort in mind.

The choice is simple

The use of linen products decreases the need for storage, there is no investment (out of pocket) with an exam gown rental program such as the one offered by New England Linen Supply. Your staff would not need to worry about ordering paper products; New England Linen Supply will work with your staff to provide an adequate & cost effective working inventory to meet your patient volume.

Still not sure?

Request a sample package and ask your patients to compare your existing paper exam gowns and our cloth patient exam gowns?

Just What the Doctor Ordered®

New England Linen Supply is a complete healthcare linen and uniform rental company working with leading healthcare providers in Rhode Island & Massachusetts. New England Linen Supply offers a complete inventory of linen patient exam gowns and specialty exam patient within their healthcare linen rental program to meet your growing and ever changing healthcare facility needs.


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