Bed Linens

We offer blankets, bed sheets, and pillowcases to both healthcare and therapy industries in the New England area!

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Blanket & Linens

As with many of our other linen rental products our blankets provide the much-needed comfort and warmth you are looking to provide your patients. Our healthcare rental blankets are laundered to stringent industry standards and your patients will recognize your commitment to their comfort and safety.

Our bath blanket is perfect for covering an elderly patient waiting to be seen or can provide that extra comfort to a recovering child from a tooth extraction. There is no set standard for which facilities will find a need to have bath blankets on hand but New England Linen Supply has this product to fit your requirements.

Thermal Blankets – A heavier and warmer alternative when considering blankets for your linen rental program. These blankets are typically found in outpatient surgery centers, recovery units in oral surgery facilities, endoscopy centers and dialysis units. Our thermal blanket is a great fit for facilities specializing in outpatient recovery areas.

Bed Sheets

We provide one of the highest quality rental sheets and healthcare linen available in the northeast. You can count on our commitment to provide sanitary, clean, white sheets available in a variety of sizes to meet the ever-changing needs of healthcare providers.

We offer draw / drape sheets and twin sized sheets commonly found in healthcare facilities and doctor’s offices. Our sheet rental service typically accompanies other rentals such as exam gowns, pillowcases, and towels for a complete linen healthcare uniform rental program.


Pillowcase rentals for medical facilities are available from New England Linen Supply. With these pillowcase rentals, you can finalize your commitment to providing a comfortable, safe, clean environment for your patients.

Typically found in rental programs designed for outpatient surgery centers, oral surgery centers, endoscopy facilities, sleep centers, cardiac testing labs, physical therapy centers and many other healthcare facilities.


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