Providing Affordable Uniform Rental in Rhode Island is our Tradition

New England Linen Supply is a complete uniform rental company servicing Rhode Island since 1886, uniform rental programs are not only our business but a long-standing tradition of quality and service.

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Five tips to consider when looking for a uniform rental program in Rhode Island

(1) Is the uniform program a rental or lease?

New England Linen Supply offers a rental program; there is no investment or weekly maintenance costs associated with our program.

(2) If I need a size change is there a special charge?

Our customers have the ability to make a size adjustment without any fees or charges.

(3)    Are there any set-up charges for new employees?

Our goal is to offer a uniform rental program that is consistently cost effect and you will not be charged any set-up charges or stocking fees.

(4)    Do I pay maintenance costs or garment protection?

There are no associated fees or charges for regular wear & tear of rental uniforms, our line of products are chosen to meet the demand of our customers and to hold up to the wash formulas need to provide a clean, comfortable uniform for your staff.

(5)    Can I get a patch or embroidery?

Absolutely, we know the importance or projecting a detailed and professional image that reflects your business. New England Linen Supply offers customers the option of both embroidery and custom patches.

Our uniform rental programs are custom tailored to meet the needs of our customers while maintaining a cost effective uniform solution. Give us a call today for your free uniform quote and get the look and savings you need tomorrow 800-222-1886!


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