Restaurant Linen Rental Service: How Important Is It?

Restaurant owners know very well how important it is to have a flawless dining room with clean, fresh linens on a daily basis. With the amount of linens needed each day and the small amount of time and space needed to clean and store linens, many restaurants (as well as others businesses within the hospitality industry) opt for linen rental services to save time, money, and space. When finding a linen rental service that works for you, it’s important that they can get you the items you need on time and within your budget.

Table ScapeHow does it work?

Depending on your needs, the are a variety of specifics you can work out with your linen supply company. If you are a high volume restaurant, deliveries can be made daily and if you are lower volume, deliveries can be made once or twice per week. Once linens are dropped off and used, the company will pick up soiled linens and bring them back to their laundering location. Once at the laundering location, linens will be sorted, treated for stains, washed, dried, pressed and folded before prepping them to be returned to the customer (in this case, the restaurant).

Why is it important?

Restaurant linens can be severely soiled to the point of no return, and many people are not trained to deal with removing these stains and the toxins. Our team at New England Linen has been specifically trained to deal with these stains so that they are properly cleaned, last longer, and to ensure all toxins are properly removed.

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