Should I Invest in Mat Service?

Should I Invest in Mat Service?

No matter what type of business you walk into from restaurants to retail stores and medical facilities, nine times out of 10, they’ll have entrance mats around the entrances. In restaurants, they’re on the floors of the prep areas and around the dishwashers. In medical facilities, they’re in laundry rooms and at hotels, they’re at the entrances. They’re not just there for looks, they are there to keep the individuals that are coming and going from these businesses safe.

If you have yet to incorporate mats into your rental service, it’s time to start thinking of them as a necessary service.

What to Expect from Mat Service

At New England Linen, we offer our clients that are utilizing our mat services with regular supply and professional maintenance. This means that not only will we replace your mats at the frequency in which you need them, we will also clean and sanitize the floor mats after we pick them up.

Benefits of Mat Rental Services

  1. Convenience – You no longer have to spend your time dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning your mats. Depending on your needs, our team will pick up your soiled mats and replace them with clean, fresh mats.
  2. Cost-Efficiency – When you rent your mats, you’re able to save money on the time and effort it takes to be cleaning and sanitizing your mats as well as reduces mat loss.
  3. Quality – By renting your mats from New England Linen, we are able to provide you with high-quality mats and when we switch out your spoiled mats, you’ll always have the consistent quality whereas when you purchase your own mats, the quality can decrease over time.

Is Mat Service Worth it?

In short: YES! When you work with an experienced linen and uniform rental company to incorporate mat services into your contract, you’re saving time, money, and frustration. Mats are a great way to keep your visitors and employees safe, especially when it’s rainy or snowy. And when you work with New England Linen, you’ll get the expertise, expertise, and equipment your business deserves.

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