Specialized Mammography Gowns & Mammography Capes for Health Centers

Mammography Gowns for Breast Healthcare Providers

Breast exams are an important step in preventative healthcare medicine; it also can be a nervous and stressful time for women. New England Linen Supply has researched the options available in order to provide a mammography gown or cape that offers personal comfort but is also practical to perform the necessary testing.

The biggest concern with some healthcare providers is that many competitors only offer one type of mammography gown within their healthcare linen rental program.

This one size fits all doesn’t align with our mission and we have worked to provide three options available to our breast health clients in Rhode Island & Massachusetts.

  • Rose Mammography Cape
  • Egg Plant Jacket – 3Xlg
  • Plum Exam Jacket – Lg

Our Rose Mammography Cape is a traditionally styled mammography gown and our most popular item within this specialized field. This exam gown allows for coverage above the waist and increased patient comfort and flexibility especially if they will be moving between changing rooms and exam rooms.

Our next two mammography gowns, the eggplant exam jacket, and the plum exam jacket are also designed for maximum above the waist coverage and allows for easy access to physicians and healthcare providers to perform the necessary tests and examinations.

That traditional hospital exam gown look and feels is far from what you will get when you see our samples of these items, quality craftsmanship, and stringent quality control make our inventory of healthcare linen rental products some of the best in the industry.

Our mammography gowns combined with our other healthcare linens within our rental service will be the complete package for all your healthcare linen rental needs.

Quality products, excellent Service, trained professional staff and medical linens laundered to meet healthcare standards is where we excel as an industry leader.

Whether you are considering a cost comparison of linen services, opening a new healthcare facility or making the change from paper products to a managed linen system, we have just what the doctor ordered and look forward to working with you.

New England Linen Supply – We don’t only set the standard, we continue to raise it.


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