The Benefit of Renting Your Linens

LinensNo matter what industry you are in, whether it’s beauty, culinary, healthcare, therapy or food production, linens are a necessary for servicing your customers. The downside of linens being a necessary expense is the high costs. Before pulling out your credit card to purchase linens for your business, consider these advantages of renting your linens opposed to purchasing them.

Cost Effective. Buying linens for your business can cost a lot of money. As linens get torn and worn out, they need to be replaced and the cost of doing so can add up exponentially over time, especially for restaurant owners. By renting your linens, the cost of them being laundered and replaced is covered by your monthly fee, which can save you thousands each year!

Environmentally Friendly. As linens get worn out and ripped, many industries opt for throwing them away and replacing them. New England Linen rewashes and reuses linens and when they are ripped and worn out, they are recycled (or repaired if possible).

Peace of Mind. Running a business is hard and there’s no time to be worried about linens that become stained, ripped, or lost. Using a linen rental company for your businesses linens will save you time and frustration when these things happen because they deal with the linens when these thing happen so you don’t have to.

If you are interested in renting linens for your business, get a free quote from New England linen by calling us at (401) 723-5498 or through out contact page.


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