The Benefits of Leasing Vs. Buying Your Linens: Explained

When you consider going to the hairdresser, do you think about the towels they use? Probably not, and yet, towels account for 2-8% of the average hair salon’s expenses.

When fresh, clean towels are an important part of your branding experience as a small business, you need to invest wisely. Should you rent linens or buy your own? Here’s our guide for determining which choice is right for you.


The Benefits of Leasing Your Linens

Many companies today don’t bother dealing with linens themselves. They use them, they send them for cleaning and repeat. Here’s why.

Consistency: Instead of trying to direct your new employee toward the specific brand of towels you always buy at Target, you can ensure that your linens are consistent in terms of color, durability, and size.

No Laundry: Not every business has the space for a washing machine and dryer, or the hassle that can come along with it. In a busy location, it might be difficult to clear space in someone’s schedule to do the washing and folding. It’s also easier to stay in line with local health codes and regulations when you’re not handling the dirty towels yourself.

Budget Friendly: Rather than having to buy $300 worth of towels at once in order to make sure they all look the same, you’ll get charged much smaller amounts more consistently for service.

No Holes: No one wants to pull out a towel in front of their customer, only to discover it has a hole. Renting linens ensures that you always have fresh towels devoid of spots, stains, and holes.

The Benefits of Buying Your Linens

More Options: When you buy linens rather than rent, you’ll typically have more options for selection.

Work with What You Have: For companies that already have laundry machines on the premises, it makes less sense to forgo using them and rent linen.

Makes Sense for Your Industry: While nail salons, nail salons, spas, and hotels might go through a ton of towels and wear them down each day, other industries use them more sporadically (golf) or don’t care so much about the quality (like a car wash). In these instances, purchasing linens might make more sense.

What makes the most sense for your business: buying, or renting linens? Contact our team at New England Linen to find out more about pricing and scheduling today at (401) 723-5498.


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