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The name is New England Linen Supply but we don’t only offer restaurants the highest quality napkins and table linen in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, we also offer a complete line of restaurant uniform rental options.

Many restaurant owners are looking for ways to attract a well trained and long-term workforce, adding a uniform rental program as an added benefit not only promotes professionalism, cleanliness but also a instills a sense of pride.

  • Weekly Delivery & Pick-up
  • Repairs & Sizes Changes completed
  • Personalized and Spare / Bulk Inventories Available
  • Ability to add new employees in a timely manner
  • No Large Investment in uniforms or Equipment
  • Your employees will love the added benefit

There are many different types of uniforms available to chef’s and kitchen staff, finding the right uniform that performs well while providing a long-term cost effectiveness is key.

The standard restaurant uniform rental program usually consists of kitchen shirts; some refer to these shirts as utility or dish shirts. These are standard weight, snap front collared shirts seen typically in prep, dish, and bakeries within a restaurant. These shirts are fairly inexpensive when it comes to a uniform rental program and are very comfortable for staff working in a hot and faced paced restaurant environment.

The chef coat has remained consistent over the years but with new fabrics and styles now available it’s easier to outfit your staff in a chef coat that will not only wear well but will look great too. We find our French Knot Button chef coats and pearl button chef coats to be the most sought after styles within today’s modern kitchens. Solid black coats and the more executive style trim coats are slowly gaining in popularity especially in open kitchen restaurants.

Be sure to check out our article on what to look for in a chef coat for more detailed information.

Adding a uniform program as a benefit to your employees can save wear and tear on their own personal clothes and home washing machines. Many employees look forward to fresh new uniforms provided to them by their employer and usually take full advantage of the services offered.

We have even seen a few of our clients promote a uniform rental service offered in their online job postings when hiring new staff or opening a new restaurant.

NOW Hiring Line CooksA full complete benefit package including healthcare, uniforms, paid vacations and over-time available to experience team players looking for growth within a new restaurant concept.

No restaurant uniform rental program would be complete without chef and kitchen pants. Our uniform rental services also include options of the standard chef style pants and the elastic waist baggy styled pant which is very popular

No more laundry to do and no repairs to make, we have your covered since 1886

Looking to add a restaurant uniform rental program for your staff? Contact us at New England Linen Supply for a free uniform rental cost analysis 800-222-1886.


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