Things to Consider When Looking for Chef Coats

No two chef coats are created equal – consistency and quality with a chef coat rental service


Restaurant owners and New England chefs understand the value, look and safety reasons with uniforms when it comes to outfitting their staff; it’s up to the chef coat rental service providers to deliver a product that performs.

Chef coat rental & linen service

New England Linen Supply prides itself in the consistency of product within our chef coat rental program; we spend a considerable amount of time with test washes before even introducing a new product.

We receive inquiries from time to time about washing “NOG” (restaurant or chef owned goods) chef coats. Although this seems like an easy task, it really comes down to the quality and durability of the chef coat.

Not all chef coats are manufactured equally, our research and purchasing team makes sure the chef coats in our rental program meet our standard and can withstand an industrial wash formulas and processes. This is not true with many of the chef coats offered today online or through one of the many uniform catalogs that you may receive in your restaurant.

A few things to consider when looking at a chef coat:

Comfort – There is nothing worse than having a chef coat that does not fit well, the kitchen is a fast paced environment and a chef coat that performs well allows you movement and flexibility which is important. Considering you will be spending 8 or more in your chef coat it must be comfortable.

Build & Construction – When we are researching a chef coat for a chef coat rental program we look at the fabric blends. We find modern day fibers perform well and there is a big difference from the synthetics of years ago, we also offer blended coats and special requests as needed. We evaluate the hems and stitching, this is very important not only for when the coat is in service and working in a restaurant but also we evaluate how well the coat, stitching and hems can handle our wash, dry and steam process.

New England Linen Supply is a complete uniform and linen supply company offering chef coats from today’s leading manufacturers within our chef coat rental service. We pride ourselves on providing a chef coat that you depend on and chef coats we know that will withstand the daily rigors of producing some of the finest dishes in New England.


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