Tips for Reducing Slips, Trips & Falls in Your Healthcare Facility

wet floorSlips and trips are one of the leading causes of injuries, whether they are minor or severe, especially in healthcare facilities. With a majority of fall victims being hospital patients and patients in long-term facilities, removing the causes of these accidents to reduce injuries and even deaths is crucial. Below, we’re sharing our best tips for ensuring your healthcare facility is safe for patients, employees, and visitors.

1. Keep floors clean and dry. Wet floors are extremely slippery, making it important to keep them dry to reduce slips in your facilities. In addition to slip hazards, continuously wet floors can encourage the growth of mold, fungi, and other bacteria that can cause infections.

2. Utilize hazard warnings. Hazard warning signs are a great tool for alerting individuals of hazards and for preventing slips, trips, and falls. It’s important to clean up spills, messes, and leaks as soon as possible but it is also important to utilize signage to alert those around these hazards to reduce injury.

3. Make sure stairs, handrails, and other elements are up to code. The highest risks for slip, trip, and fall accidents are stairs, handrails, and flooring having code violations. To help reduce injury, keep your team, patients, and visitors safe, and avoid issues in the future, always make sure the elements inside and outside of your healthcare facility are up to code.

4. Fix carpets and mats to stay in place. When carpets and mats move, they can become a trip and fall hazard. If you have carpets or mats that can be moved, we highly recommend fixing them to the floor below to help them stay in place.

5. Keep floors free of debris and obstacles. Keeping the floors of your healthcare facility free and clear of debris and obstacles will drastically reduce injuries from slips, trips, and falls. If you need to run wires down a hallway, secure them to the floor with wire covers, clean up messes when they happen, and place furniture and equipment in a way that it’s easy to flow through.

6. Have proper lighting throughout the facility. Rooms and hallways that are poorly lit can make it difficult for your team, patients, and visitors to see and can cause slips, trips, and falls, even on the smallest thing. Make sure there is adequate lighting throughout your facility to reduce this risk, especially in stairwells.

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