Tips for Selecting Restaurant Linen Colors

Tips for Selecting Restaurant Linen Colors

What color linens do you use in your restaurant? Are you having trouble selecting tablecloths and linen napkins? The color you select for your linens can make a huge difference in your restaurant’s interior and can help improve the visual appearance of the space. If you’re stuck on what colors to select, these tips will make the decision easier!

What is Your Overall Visual Goal?

When selecting colors for your restaurant linens, consider what visual aesthetic you’re going for in your restaurant. Italian dining? Lean towards bold reds. Modern casual? Give white linens a try! If you know what visual aesthetic you want but not sure what color to opt for, our team at New England Linen will be able to walk you through your options to make the decision easier.

Consider the Color Scheme of the Rest of Your Restaurant

If you have a color scheme in place for the rest of your restaurant, you won’t want to disrupt the flow of the space by utilizing table linens that don’t match. If you have bold colors in the space, utilize lighter colored linens.

Timeless Over Trendy

Trendy decor won’t be in style forever so it’s better to go with timeless options. This won’t only save you a lot of headaches in the future, but will also save you money.

Solid Colors Are Easier Than Patterns

While patterned linens are always eye-catching and beautiful, solid colors are easier to match to existing decor and if you decide to make any updates to the space in the future, they will be easier to match then, too.

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