Uniform Rental Services for the Commercial Kitchen & Bakery

Uniform Rental Services for the Commercial Kitchen & Bakery

Food production facilities although similar to the restaurant and food service industry, uniforms in a commercial kitchen or bakery may require specialized apparel or service.

Service is a top priority to providing a uniform solution in a commercial setting, usually a fast paced environment requiring specialized needs to outfit employees in fresh, clean and sanitary uniforms.

New England Linen Supply has the history, products, and experience to provide quality commercial food production and bakery uniform rental programs to some of the largest and fastest growing kitchens within Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Working with manufacturers such as Chef Designs & Red Kap to meet or exceed industry standards our program includes, bakery shirts, snap frocks, chef coats, chef & kitchen pants are just a few of the items currently offered.

A complete uniform solution can be provided throughout your facility making sure not only your production team is well uniformed but your sanitation and maintenance staff will also have the option or having uniforms provided on a weekly basis.

Kitchen whites are the most common uniform within production facilities but special color coded uniforms for department separation is also easily implemented.

Branding a production team is also an option, even though your staff maybe we working in a closed environment we know and understand the value or specialized branding with logos and department specific branding to set you apart.

Thanks so much for providing us with the USDA Inspector coats so quickly, they are working well and our inspector is glad to finally have a real coat to wear instead of that plastic disposable frock.

Aaron (food production manager)
Boston, Massachusetts

Knowing where and how to store your clean and soiled uniforms is just as important, our sales and service team can work with your facility to find the most cost-effective, safe and practical solution and delivery schedules to meet your needs.

Looking for a team player in taking your commercial kitchen and bakery to the next level? New England Linen Supply is ready to assist you every step of the way by providing the best service and most cost effective uniform option in New England.

Our team is ready to educate and assist you with the options available today 800-222-1886


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