What Type of Uniform Rental Program Is Best For Your Business?

Uniform rental management is an important step to maintaining a cost-effective inventory

Two types of uniform rental services should be considered as the business owner or manager in order to maintain value in your uniform rental program: Spare/Per Diem or Individual Rental

Uniform & Employee Assessment

Do you have steady and long term employees with little to no employee turnover? If you do an individualized uniform program may work well in this situation. If you have some employee turnover, a spare / per diem inventory of uniforms may work better for you in managing a cost-effective uniform rental service.


This type of uniform rental service provides uniforms with no personal identity and is based on the number of a particular size needed each week. This weekly amount can be adjusted as needed and is easy to manage by checking the uniforms left on the shelf before delivery.

Example – You have 20 employees that require a large shirt – you would set-up your inventory to provide enough uniforms of that size to provide shirts for 20 uniformed employees each week. If you have a good amount of shirts leftover on the rack just before delivery will know that you can reduce that item for saving per week.


The individual uniform rental program is set-up so each garment whether it be a shirt, pants, chef coat or lab coat would be individually labeled inside the collar with that particular employee’s name. The individual uniform rental is set-up for each day that employee works with one extra set-up provided so the employee may be uniformed at the time of delivery.

Example – Joe works 5 days per week and would require a chef coat and a black elastic waist baggy chef pant per work day. Joe would be provided a total of 11 uniforms and his weekly set-up would be for the 5 days per week he works. This works well but if Joe works an extra shift or he would need to adjust his inventory.

Both the spare and individualized uniform programs work well in every aspect of the uniform rental service, management is key and good communication between both the service provider and the business makes for a cost efficient rental service.

Still not sure what program would work well for you?

Contact us either through this website or give us a call to schedule a free uniform rental assessment and we can walk you through the steps to make an educated decision.

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