Why Linen Loss Occurs in Medical Facilities

Why Linen Loss Occurs in Medical Facilities

Medical facilities lose more money each year in linen loss than any other industry. By tackling the issue as to how you are losing linens will allow you to utilize that extra money for new facilities, new services, research, and more.

Why You’re Losing Linens

To help prevent linen loss, you first need to determine where exactly you’re losing linens. Some of the contributing areas of linen loss include:

Patients taking linens with them when they leave the facility

Patients commonly assume that the linens that they utilize when they’re in the hospital are for their personal use and can be brought home with them. Unfortunately, this isn’t true and medical facilities often lose linens because of this common misconception. Some examples of these linens are warming blankets, patient gowns, hospital pants/tops, and bedding, such as pillows and pillowcases.

Medical professionals are throwing them away

A large majority of healthcare linens never reach the end of their lifespan, due to them being thrown away. The reason for this is that medical professionals don’t understand the linen management process at your facility or they think the linens are too soiled to be cleaned properly.

Medical professionals are taking them home

Similar to patients taking home the linens they use during their stay at your healthcare facility, your medical professionals can also be taking them home, especially scrubs. Scrubs are one of the highest cost linens that you will be renting/purchasing for your facility and when medical professionals take them home, it’s making a huge dent in your linen loss.

How to Prevent Linen Loss

Once you’ve determined the areas of your linen loss, it’s time to put a process in place to help prevent linen loss moving forward and save money.

Provide your employees with education

Educating your employees on the costs associated with linen loss and the proper process of linen management will drastically increase the linen loss your company experiences. Provide regular training to your medical professionals so they can handle issues internally and with patients that arise regarding linens.

Invest in proper signage

Reminders can make a huge difference in the linen management process. Label disposal receptacles, place signs that remind patients and medical professionals to not take linens home with them and have your linen management process hanging in employee break rooms.

Work with a linen rental company

To avoid linen loss altogether, work with a linen rental company. They will be able o handle all of your management, including laundry services, so you can properly track linen usage, individual items, and keep you up to industry standards.

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