Why You Should Outsource Your Hospital Linens

Healthcare linens and uniforms are a vital component to medical services. Medical facilities continue to face the continuing issue of sustaining a sufficient supply of linen that meets the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Bloodborne pathogens (OSHA BBP) regulations. Professional medical laundry services are equipped with collecting, cleaning, and delivering these linens. The top priority at any hospital or medical facility is ensuring the care and comfort of the patient and what better way to start than with the gowns they will wear, work in, and sleep on.Doctor

When hiring the right linen and laundry service for your workplace, cost is likely the main factor. The correct company should be able to provide you as a client, with no surprise fees or hidden charges for their services. Also, working toward a compromise and contract is a detrimental element in order to know you are not going to be overpaying for medical linens.

Outsourcing your hospital linens will be one less hassle for the medical facility as a whole and will be a greater convenience. New England Linen Supply can ensure the linens are always where they are needed, when you need them! Communication is a key component for any partnership to be successful. Providing detailed reports on the amounts of laundry being taken and delivered can guarantee meeting the facility’s demand and expectations.

Coinciding with convenience is assuring consistency and expertise. The deliveries can be scheduled during specific days and times throughout the week (multiple times if need be). New England Linen Supply has a fully-trained team of employees who are willing to work with the various requirements for different medical centers and hospitals.  

Hospital BedOne of the most important aspects overall is the assurance of public safety. Medical professionals are exposed to an array of different diseases, conditions, skin, and bodily fluids every day. Being exposed to these medical elements can make the spreading of disease and infections seamless. New England Linen Supply’s quality cleaning service has the professional personnel and equipment to clean and get rid of the contaminated linen.

Outsourcing your linen is a service that is highly recommended for hospitals, medical centers, or other medical environment that requires handling the public in a medical manner. New England Linen Supply can provide all medical linens hygienically cleaned and up to par with OSHA BBP standards!


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