Why You Should Start Utilizing Uniform Rental Services

hospital employeesWhile many businesses are looking for areas to cut costs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is truly no better time to move from directly purchasing your uniforms to uniform rental.

With the current global pandemic, it’s more important than ever that employees aren’t bringing their uniforms home to wash. By changing these uniform practices, you can eliminate potential contamination of other belongings in your staff’s homes.

Learn more about the benefits to utilizing uniform rental services below.

Eliminating Spread of Contamination

No matter what industry you’re in, whether it’s healthcare, culinary, and even delivery services, uniforms pick up all sorts of germs throughout the course of a typical workday. When an employee goes home in their uniforms, these germs are then transferred onto their belongings in their house, as well as their car (or whatever mode of transportation they take to work). When this happens, there is potential to spread any illness, including COVID.

By renting uniforms, employees change out of their uniforms at the end of the workday into their own clothes to commute home in. The uniforms are then placed in a laundry bag to come to our facility to be properly and thoroughly cleaned.

Ensuring a Clean Uniform, Every Time

Germs can easily embed themselves in employee uniforms and spread to other surfaces and people throughout the workday. By utilizing our uniform rental services, your employees don’t have to worry about whether or not the uniform they cleaned at home is actually clean.

By using hot temperatures, specialized cleaning solutions, and cleaning processes to eliminate germs, your employees can rest assure that the uniforms they are wearing are clean.

Utilizing Uniform Rentals with New England Linen

Are you ready to start utilizing the uniform rental services offered at New England Linen? Our uniform rental programs are best for the following:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Restaurants, bars, cafes, and bakeries
  • Day spas, hair salons, waxing facilities, and facial treatment centers
  • Massage therapy facilities

Our team will answer any questions you might have, ensure your uniforms properly cleaned, and walk you through the uniform rental program that best suits your needs. To get started, contact us today at (401) 723-5498.


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