Why You Shouldn’t Purchase Your Restaurant Linens

Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or are adjusting your current uniform and linen practices, deciding to rent or continue purchasing is a big decision to be making.

We’re here to make this decision easier! If you’re still purchasing linens or thinking about purchasing them – don’t. Purchasing your linens and uniforms for your restaurant is overwhelming and requires a lot of time and labor to keep them clean.

Substantial Overhead Costs

When purchasing new linens and uniforms for your business, the overhead costs are substantial, especially because you have to invest in your entire inventory all at once. If you’re interested in high-quality linens, the costs are even greater. If you’re opening a new restaurant, you might not have extra money in your budget to purchase 50 aprons, 100 table cloths, and 200 napkins.

Replacements are a Pain

When making your initial uniform and linen inventory purchase, you might not be thinking about replacing these uniforms and linens down the road or having to purchase extras due to growth. Either way, when purchasing additional linens 6 months, even a year or longer from now, the style your purchased might not be available any more causing you to have to repurchase a full inventory. Some linens are only available in bulk orders, too, so if you only need a small number of pieces, you will have to spend more than you were anticipating.

Laundering Takes Time

Laundering your linens in-house takes a lot of time, labor, and space. If your restaurant isn’t large enough to have commercial laundry equipment or space to store linens when they’re not being used, owning your linens can be a nightmare.

Why Should I Rent?

With the ability to rent your restaurant uniforms and linens, you’re able to avoid the headache of finding the time and space to launder and store linens when not in use and figure out the ideal replacement strategy. Our team at New England Linen will drop of fresh, clean linens and pick up any soiled ones to launder as often as you need.

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